Exciting news from the DNA project.

Apley Hall – Quatt, Shropshire: The manor house of the area where Simon likely born prior to moving to Ireland.

Several new members have joined the Hadley surname DNA project at FTDNA and others have upgraded giving us new data to assist in making a connection to England.  This has been in the works for over a decade and with the price of testing coming down and more people looking to DNA for ancestry research it is exciting times!  The Hadley family can claim the Haplogroup R-Z275 as our subclade (A segment of the overall tree).

There is a donate now button if you would like to contribute to the cause and donations can be made in memory of a relative, to honor a birthday or out of kindness!  This is a perfect way for those families who are related on the female Hadley side to join the project and help find our ties to England.

If you are a male Hadley and have not yet taken a test with FTDNA please consider doing so and register your families line in the project.

Over $10,000.00 has been contributed and used over the last 10 ears and many hours of research and correspondence.  Several of the key members who started the project have passed so we need our help to continue.  With $2000.00 in donations we will be able to screen English/Irish Hadley’s and determine our genetic distance – please help o make this happen!

The Hadley Family Project