Hadley Society

The Hadley Society was founded in 1922 by descendants of Simon Hadley, an early immigrant to the Pennsylvania Territory from Ireland.  Along with members of his extended family, Hadley, his wife, and their children arrived in North America with William Penn and other Quaker colonists.  Currently, there are several other lineages of Hadleys in the United States with shared roots in England tracing back to a common ancestor in the English Midlands around 1500.  Through its Surname DNA Project, the Hadley Society supports all Hadleys regardless of ancestory working to discover their potential common history.


The goal of the Society:

  • Promote pride in our common heritage
  • Assist Hadley descendants in their research
  • Provide a clearinghouse for Hadley records
  • Support and develop the Hadley DNA Surname project at FTDNA
  • Encourage and aid in the exchange of ideas, resources, and records
Homes of family names in Great Britain 1890, indicates the Hadley name comes from Worcestershire and the surrounding area.
Early Hadley Family Crest

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