1998 English Research Reports

 The following reports were commissioned, paid for and donated to the Hadley Society by John Hadley.  They were done primarily by Barbara Elderton, a professional genealogist.  The goal was to find more information about the Simon and John Hadleys who were in Shropshire, just prior to our Simon Hadley being born. We found and received copies of the original wills, in Old English. The family was also traced to earlier documents from the Shropshire area. Some of this information is in the HS data base, listed under these earliest theoretical ancestors. While we found no proof that our Simon Hadley who died in 1711 in Ireland was a direct ancestor of these Shropshire Hadleys, there are some compelling reasons to think this may in fact, be the case. This is the ONLY family in ancient England we have found that used the distinctive name Simon. Simon Hadley, who died in 1590, had only one son, John. John named his only two sons John and Simon.

                     Then our Simon Hadley who died in 1711 in Ireland named his two sons John and Simon.  Not proof, but compelling evidence. This Shropshire Hadley family also showed strong evidence of somewhat radical Protestant beliefs. This could easily have led to the next generations becoming Quaker and/or moving to Ireland, after Cromwell devastated the local Irish population about 1650. We will continue to search for the English ancestors of  Simon Hadley and someday, someone may just find the positive proof our family has been searching for over the last 100 years.


                     Work done at Shrewsbury 4/2/98, 3.15-4.30

                     Written up 7/2/98, 7.45-8.15

                     Search Quatt parish register:

                     “Regrettably the earliest surviving register dates from 1672, which is rather late for your purpose. I searched this from the beginning to 1700 and found the following Hadley events:

                     9 Jul 1677 Mary dau John & Mary Hadley of Wootton bap

                     8 Nov 1678 Simon son John & Mary Hadley bap

                     22 Aug 1680 Margaret dau John & Mary Hadley bap

                     1 May 1681 Frances Hadley widow bur

                     8 Mar 1688 Thomasin dau John & Mary Hadley bap

                     15 Jan 1690 Anne dau John & Mary Hadley bap

                     15 Jan 1696 William Hadley of this parish bur

                     10 May 1696 Francis son Francis & Eleanor Hadley bap

                     25 Apr 1699 John son Francis & Eleanor Hadley bap

                     [all dates corrected to modern calendar]

                     I then went to a booklet about Quatt parish which had one document extract in it from the time you are interested in, a Hearth Tax Roll from 1672 which included:

                     Widow Hadley 4 hearths 8 shillings [this was the largest number of hearths in Quatt Jervis hamlet so the family home must have been of some size]

                     Widow Hadley 1 hearth 2 shillings in Quatt Malborne hamlet

                     I then had a look at the copy extracts from wills at Lichfield from Shropshire which included the following:

                     John Hadley 1571

                     Leonard Hadley 1587

                     William Hadley 1604 admon.

                     Eleanor Hadley 1613 and 1614 admon.

                     William Hadley 1632

                     Alice Hadley 1633

                     Richard Hadley 1640 admon. of Kingswinford

                     You will note that these do not all state a place so may or may not be of interest, but they are worth a try next time I go to Lichfield.

                     Heralds’ Visitation of Shropshire (pedigrees of armigerous families in the C16th) No Hadley as such, but a mention of Cecilia daughter and heiress of Allan de Hadley who married Roger Corbett, knight, in late 1100s.

                     Index to Shropshire Quaker Digests of births, marriages and burials such as have survived:

                     1635-1837 Hadley negative.

                     This was really only a start; there wasn’t time to go any further on this occasion. Still to do are the wills at Lichfield, any earlier parish chest type material (held in secure reading room where there was not enough space this time), any manorial material available at Shrewsbury, and last but not least any Hadley references to follow up from great card index there.

                     So it’s not going to be easy given the lack of an early parish register – looks like one volume must have been lost at some time. There is the possibility of Bishop’s Transcripts at Lichfield to fill in the register gap, though generally these have not survived from the early period, either, but I’ll certainly check. Meantime I have ordered copies of the three PCC wills (don’t know why I said four, there were only three marked in fact). Would you like transcripts or abstracts of these when they arrive or can you read C17th hand – full transcripts of longer wills can be quite time consuming but abstracts, just the main details, are not usually too costly? I’ve added some more work for you to my next Shrewsbury list (Feb 19th) and to my next Lichfield JRO list (not yet booked but probably before the end of the month).

                     Best wishes,



                     Work done at Shrewsbury CRO 19/2/98, 10.0-10.30

                     Written up with all this report including abstracts, 20/2/98, 4.0-5.15

                     “I searched the Quatt parish records listings to see if there was anything whatsoever from the early period that might just mention the Hadley name, but there was nothing early enough. I tried the parish register files, the place index to the main calendar and finally the name index for Hadley, but there just isn’t anything else there. If there are manorial records still in existence they must be held elsewhere, as is often the case when one lord held more than one manor, the records could be with any of them. To check this you would need someone working in the London record repositories with easy access to the PRO and the manorial index there. I also tried the index to Shropshire Pedigrees, a huge collection of C19th work on the main Shropshire families but again there was no Hadley.

                     I have now received the PCC will copies. These will be in the post to you as soon as I have taken copies for security’s sake (I never trust our post office I’m afraid.) but meantime here are the abstracts:

                     Dated 28 Aug 1590

                     I Simon Hadley of the parish of Quatt in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield, yeoman, sick in body

                     My daughter Ales forty pounds to be paid on her marriage, with such household goods as my wife shall think appropriate to her new status.

                     My daughter Marie the same.

                     My daughter Dorothie the same.

                     My daughter Margerie the same.

                     My son John all my farm implements, six oxen, four cattle, eighty sheep, after the death of my wife, meanwhile he is to be provided with food, drink and clothing and is to remain with Elinor my wife to do her work and to help her and the rest of my children. My wife is to pay him for this work the sum of 33 shillings and four pence a year until he reach the age of 21. After that age if he remain with my wife she is to pay him forty shillings a year, but if he leaves her and goes into service for another man she is to pay him ten shillings a year towards his having a better living.

                     Each of my god children to be paid 12 pence if they demand it.

                     3 shillings and four pence to the poor man’s box of the parish of Quatt

                     Elinor my wife the remainder, she to be sole executrix.

                     Witnesses included John Bird “minister of the worde” [sounds very Puritan/non-conformist, a good sign if the family were to turn Quaker in the next century]

                     Probate clause in Latin, proved at London 12 Oct 1590 to Elinor, widow.

                     Dated 18 Jan 1600/1

                     I William Hadley of Halesowen in the county of Salop, nailer, sick and diseased in body

                     My body to be buried in the churchyard of Halesowen

                     My wife Amy half of my goods etc.

                     My son William Hadley and

                     My daughter Elizabeth Hadley to share the other half, to be paid as they reach the age of 21

                     My wife Anne [the earlier name is definitely Amy but I think this must be a pet name for Anne, or else the scribe has made an error – not unheard of!]

                     Witnesses included Thomas Hadley

                     Probate clause in Latin, proved at London 26 May 1601

                     [Incidentally Halesowen was in Shropshire for a short time but was for longer part of  Worcestershire] Dated 23 Aug 1630

                     I John Hadley of Wootton in the parish of Quatt in the county of Salop, somewhat sick in body

                     My wife Margery 12 pence

                     My son Simon Hadley forty shillings to be paid of out my household goods

                     My daughter Mary Hadley 12 pence

                     My daughter Elizabeth Hadley 12 pence

                     My daughter Ellenor Hadley 12 pence

                     My son John Hadley all my houses and things belonging to them in Quatt, Claverley and Wooten parishes [in fact Wootton was not a parish in its own right so far as I can see but Claverley was]

                     Probate clause in Latin, proved 2 Jul 1631 to John Hadley, son and executor.

                     This Simon I think must be too old to have been “your” Simon but he could be his father?  The small legacy suggests that either he was unpopular (extremist religious views? Too early for Quakers of course) with his father, or more likely simply that he was already set up in life and didn’t need so much help.

                     I can still check at Lichfield for any further Hadley wills proved locally. The only other thing I can suggest now is to follow up the other parishes raised by these wills, Halesowen which I suppose will be at Worcester, and Claverley which is in Shropshire again. I shall be at Lichfield next Tuesday so do you wish me to continue with local wills…?”


                     Packet now in snail mail with first batch of PCC will copies.

                     With regard to your various emails:

                     I have sent to London for the PCC wills you requested. May take a few weeks. Don’t worry about hassling me: I’m immune to it so far as genealogy is concerned! Things do take time, and depend on circumstance. Some weeks I have to schedule three or four full days in record offices and it can take another three to write up what I’ve found when a major pedigree is involved. I do prioritise reports where I need a reply in order to do the next piece of work on the next RO visit, but other than that everything takes its turn in order of booking! I was interested by your little autobiography. The thing here is that because America speaks English we tend to assume it’s a sort of extension of our own culture, but it certainly isn’t – and in many ways it’s much better, though perhaps that’s a case of the grass being greener……(on the other side of the corral perhaps, is that how you spell it?)

                     The reference from Domesday may be to the place rather than a person; there is a township of Hadleigh in Shropshire. I’ll see what I can find next time at Shrewsbury. I wish it were as simple as just coming forward from Domesday. The problem is that before parish registers begin (1550s if one is lucky) there is only the manorial material to go on, much of which has not survived, and in any case it gives names but not necessarily relationships though one can sometimes assume them. If one has early wills that’s a bonus, but a good run of them that link is rare unless one is dealing with the upper strata of society.

                     Work done at Lichfield JRO, 24/2/98, 2.30-4.0

                     Written up with all this report 5/3/98, 9.15-9.45

                     Search calendars of wills for Hadley:

                     Calendar 1C earliest to 1650 H

                     1571 John Hadley Enville 14b “will does not survive”

                     12 Jul 1587 Leo Hadley Fenny Compton 14b

                     26 Sep 1604 William Hadley Chilvers Coton 147b admon.

                     17 Apr 1613 Eleanor Hadley Quatt 13

                     6 May 1614 Eleanor Hadley Quatt 75b

                     24 Aug 1632 William Hadley Sutton Coldfield admon.

                     17 May 1633 Alice Hadley Sutton Coldfield

                     29 Jun 1640 Richard Hadley Kingswinford

                     Calendar 3 1651-1670

                     24 Sep 1662 William Hadley West Bromwich

                     9 Jun 1671 Elizabeth Hadley West Bromwich

                     2 Jun 1676 Joyce Hadley West Bromwich

                     19 Oct 1683 Elizabeth Hadley Birmingham

                     28 Nov 1692 Thomas Hadley Aston, Birmingham

                     30 Mar 1694 Mary Hadley Aston, Birmingham

                     12 Mar 1696/7 Thomas Hadley West Bromwich admon.

                     I was not able to order the wills to view them because of the time. Let me know which of  these you would like me to check – obviously the Quatt and Kingswinford, but perhaps the other early ones, too? None of these places are a million miles from Quatt/Halesowen.  I didn’t feel it was worth going any later, unless you think it is?


                     I’ve added the wills for my next visit to Lichfield, which won’t be for a couple of weeks as I don’t have a full enough list yet. I’ve also added the Domesday enquiry to my Shrewsbury list, also not yet scheduled but probably last week of this month.

                     The second batch of PCC wills have arrived so:

                     PCC Will abstracts, made 18/3/98, 9.0-10.30

                     I shall not post the copies on to you in view of what you say because these, as the last PCC wills, are clerk’s copies of the originals and so do not have actual signatures.

                     Dated 16 January 1512

                     I, Edmond Hadley of Coventry, draper

                     My body to be buried in St. Michael’s church in the chapel of St. Katherine where both my father and mother are buried

                     Various bequests to St. Michael’s, to the Charterhouse in Coventry, to the White Friars, the Grey Friars, to the poor people of St. John’s parish

                     To Alice, my wife, such plate and household goods as she brought to me, six pounds in money, my house to dwell in for six years after my death

                     John Hadley my son various household goods and furniture

                     Richard Hadley my son various household goods and furniture and the house eventually

                     Elizabeth Hadley my daughter ten pounds and various household goods

                     My three children

                     John Hadley that dwells in the country [because of the reference to just three children and the repetition of the name John, I feel this must be a different person, probably a relative but one whose exact relationship is not clear to the testator – not uncommon in this period, almost everyone except the immediate family were referred to as “kinsman” or “cousin” as below – and could well be a link to the Halesowen or Quatt branches]

                     My cousin Richard’s wife

                     William Fysher my cousin at London

                     Grace and Agnes my servants

                     My cousin Popy’s wife of Shrewsbury

                     My cousin Thomas Waryner of Coventry, dyer and John Dudley of the same, draper, executors

                     Dated 20 February 1607

                     Contested administration in Latin of Richard Hadlie senior, late of Warley, county Worcester

                     George Hadlie natural son and Richard Hadley nephew of the son of Richard Hadley senior [I think this makes him a grandson of and Richard senior and a son of a brother of  George’s] versus Joseph Hadley alias Deaken and Francis Mills

                     [Without translating every word, the gist of it is a disputed marriage contract, but the court decided that George and Richard were the nearest blood relatives of the deceased, but reserved some interest in the estate by way of compensation for Joseph and Francis, whose relationship to the deceased is not really made clear.]

                     Dated 5 January 1638

                     I Elizabeth Hadley of Stockton in the county of Salop [Shropshire], widow

                     My body to be buried in the parish church of Stockton

                     My Master Sir William Whittmore, knight, ten pounds

                     My kinsman Roger Symons the son of John Symons, ten pounds and various iron goods

                     My kinswoman Ellen Justice, five pounds, bed and bedclothes, other household items

                     Ellen Justice one of the daughters of the said Ellen Justice

                     Elizabeth Justice one other of the daughters of the said Ellen Justice

                     My sister Ellen Foord

                     John Lenn the younger and his sisters Marie and Elizabeth

                     John Witnall

                     Francis Symons the son of Thomas Symons

                     My man[servant] Richard Greene

                     My goddaughter Elizabeth Hill the daughter of Samuel Hill

                     My godson James Crannige

                     My godson Francis Hasellwood

                     My goddaughter Elizabeth Betensonn

                     Edward Smith’s man Richard

                     My brother John Symons

                     My brother William Beetenson

                     Katherine Laighton, widow

                     My sister Ellen Foord executrix

                     Probate 8 Sep 1638 to Ellen Foord


                     With regard to the Talbot family – well that opens up endless possibilities. The Talbots were the earls of Shrewsbury! However, the greater part of their property was in the north of the county. There are endless Talbot pedigrees in the Shropshire pedigree series on film at the CRO, but I should warn you they take ages to search, I’ve done some before. They are basically C19th handwritten pedigrees, sometimes with very little in the way of dates and place, sometimes with quite a bit, but if a Hadley married a Talbot it would be there, somewhere! It might not tell you much about the Hadley, though. What I’m saying is I wouldn’t dream of searching these without the client’s say-so, especially when the family is not the actual subject of the pedigree (you will see that I did check the index which lists only the main families covered) but of course if you want me to try I will do so.

                     Work done at Shrewsbury 1/4/98, 12.30-2.0

                     Written up 2/4/98, 3.30-4.0

                     Searched all books on general history of Shropshire available on open shelves, including Victoria County History for which, you will be delighted to hear -not- the volume which will cover Quatt has never been published. I did find a few bits, and, fortunately because the VCH is usually the main source for Domesday, I did find that in one of the books, too.

                     I would have had the whole section on Hadley in this one copied, but the machine which will do books which have to be turned over but not have their spines broken, is not working at present. So I have just copied out the Domesday entry for now:

                     From Eyton’s Antiquities of Shropshire, vol. 7, p.352-62 on Hadley township “The Same Rainald holds Hatlege, and Goisfrid [holds it] of him. Witric and Elric held it [in Saxon times] for two Manors. Here are II hides. In demesne there is one ox-team, and II serfs and VII Boors with half team, and yet there might be two and a half temas additional here. Here is a Mill of 2s. [annual value], and a league of wood. In King Edward’s time the Manor was worth 37s. [per annum], now it is worth 15s. He [Rainald] found it waste.”

                     Domesday fo.254, b, 2. He goes on with the pedigree of the de Hadley’s to Alan de Hadley who had only one child and sole heiress, Cecilia, who married into the Corbet family. So I think you can dismiss any connection with these de Hadleys.

                     Hearth Tax 1672

                     Purslow Hundred: Hopton Castle, Hadgly and Brodart

                     John Hadley 1 hearth, 2d tax.

                     Stottesdon Hundred: Quatt Jervis and Quatt Malbourne, as already extracted from another source.

                     Brimstree Hundred with Borough and District of Halesowen:

                     Yeeley: George Hadley 1 hearth 2d

                     Romsley : Humphrey Hadley 2 4d

                     Richard Hadley 1 2d

                     Halesowen Borough: Thomas Hadley snr. 1 2d

                     Thomas Hadley jnr. 1 2d

                     Jonathan Hadley 1 2d

                     Oldbury: Joseph Hadley 2 4d

                     Paupers discharged by certificate within this Hundred [i.e. exempt because unable to pay]:

                     William Hadly, Wm. Hadly, George Hadly, Will. Hadly, Chris. Hadly, John Hadly, Thos. Hadly, George Hadly, Thos. Hadly, John Hadly jnr., Laurence Hadly [there is no significance in the spelling of the name here, just how a different clerk dealing with the exemptions chose to spell it]

                     There were another couple of references in the calendar for Quatt but I was unable to find these on the open shelves so they may be on loan on in the search room; I will keep looking. I’m booked for Lichfield JRO on 14th April to see your wills.


                     Work done at Lichfield JRO 14/4/98, 1.0-1.15 and 3.30-5.0

                     Written up 17/4/98, 5.0-5.45

                     I ordered all the wills on the list, but when they tried to find them the first one had not survived like the one already noted on the original list, and the last two or three went over my quota of documents for the afternoon but I don’t honestly think we need them as they are too late.

                     1587 Leonard Hadley of Fenny Compton, will with inventory dd. 23 Mar 1586/7

                     I, Leonard Hadley of Fenny Compton, Warwickshire, taylor, sick of body

                     My dau Johan Barley

                     My dau Elizabeth Sugar

                     My son William Hadlye

                     Pr. 12 Jul 1587 to William, sole executor

                     dd. 17 Apr 1613 Eleanor Hadley of Quatt, inventory, taken 16 Apr 1613, at Wotton in the parish of Quatt

                     Animals and household goods valued at £63. 13s. 4d, with Admon. to son John Hadley of Wotton, husbandman.

                     dd. 6 May 1614 another copy of the same inventory above, with memo:

                     About 14 Mar 1612/3 Elizabeth Hadley being sick in body made her last will and testament in the words following before witnesses

                     All my goods to John Hadley my son except 1 cow to Thomas Cocke my son-in-law and to my daughter’s children my apparel and bed linen

                     Witn. incl. John servant to John Hadley.

                     1632 inventory only of William Hadley of Sutton Coldfield taken 9 Jun, valued at £49.13s.5d

                     17 May 1633 Alice Hadley of Sutton Coldfield, will with inventory valued at £82.14s.4d

                     dd. 11 Apr 1633

                     I, Alice Hadley of Sutton Coldfield, Warwicks., widow, weak in body

                     (very Puritan format for first clauses)

                     my son Christopher Hollingsworth

                     my daus Sibell, Anne, Margrett, Marie

                     my dau Elizabeth

                     my brother William Oneley

                     pr. to William Oneley and Christopher Hollingsworth

                     29 Jun 1640 Richard Hadley of Kinswinford, hamberman (?)

                     inventory taken 7 Apr, with admon. to Jane Hadley, widow, bondsmen were nailers.

                     22 Sep 1662 William Hadley of West Bromwich, naylor, with inventory taken 27 Mar

                     admon. to Joyce, widow, children being minors.

                     9 Jun 1671 Elizabeth Hadley of West Bromwich, spinster

                     inventory by Thomas Hadley taken 15 May

                     dd. 18 Mar 1670

                     I, Elizabeth Hadley of West Bromwich, spinster

                     My cousins John Hadley, Thomas Hadley, Anne Collins, Mary James, Joyce Hadley

                     My brother-in-law William Turton

                     My sister Sarah Bristoe

                     My sister Joyce Hadley

                     My cousin William Hadley executor.

                     2 Jun 1676 Joyce Hadley of West Bromwich, widow with inventory taken 19 Jun dd. 3 Jun 1675

                     I, Joyce Hadley of West Bromwich, widow, sick and weak

                     My eldest son John Hadley

                     My cousin Thomas Hadley

                     My dau Ann Collins

                     My son-in-law George James

                     My grandchildren William & Mary James

                     My dau Joyce Hadley

                     My son William Hadley sole executor.

                     So I still don’t think we are much further forward.

                     Finally I checked the status of BTs for Quatt. These start from 1662 and are supposed to be complete from then. It’s ten years earlier than the surviving register but still not really early enough to be much use, though I suppose there could be burials in particular that might relate to the probable pedigree you outlined, and just possibly Hadley Quaker births might be recorded as some parishes did this. Would you like me to search these next time I go to Lichfield? It won’t be for a few weeks I should think as I have to accumulate enough work for the JRO to make it worth the trip.

                     It’s just frustrating that the material we need just hasn’t survived. I’m running out of ideas now, I’m afraid.


                     I’ve heard from my man in London, just this morning in fact, and he has produced quite a long list for our consideration:

                     Wooten appears to have been part of the parish of Onibury, and the manors associated with the three parishes are as follows:

                     Quatt – Quatt, Quatt Malvern and Quatt Jarvis

                     Claverly – Beobridge, Claverley, Claverley Bidell, Ludston & Ludston Lordship

                     Onibury – Duxmoore, Onibury, Walton & Wooton

                     The refs on the following list are all details from the Manorial Documents Register which relate to those manors before 1670 at least in part. They have been transcribed as they appear on each card ref, hence the inconsistencies in spelling, etc. The NRA refs shown against some of the items refer to the National Records Archive at the Historical Records Commission.


                     Court Rolls 1549-1618 }

                     Bailiffs Accounts 1550-51 } Hampshire CRO (NRA 18628, Shenfield)

                     Presentments no date }

                     Rental 1549 Birmingham Ref. Lib. (Cobham) (returns 5-10-31)

                     Court rolls & rental 1528-50 Hampshire CRO (list of accessions 1969)

                     Quatt Jarvis:

                     Presentments etc. 1659 Capt. G.C. Wolyche-Whitmore, Dudmaston, Bridgnorth, Salop

                     (NRA 4482)

                     Court roll 1622 Shropshire CRO (Forester) SRO 1224 (return 15-6-62) NRA 34912


                     Presentments at 1659 Shropshire CRO Wolryche-Whitmore of Dudmaston NRS court baron


                     Quatt Malvern:

                     Court roll 1622 Shropshire CRO (Forester) (return 15-6-62) SRO 1224 NRA 34912



                     Court rolls & papers 1603-87 Staffs. CRO (NRA 10699, Trentham

                     Bailiffs Accounts 1339


                     4 Court rolls 1333-34, 1351, Shropshire CRO (Gage)

                     1354 return dated 24-7-63

                     641 Court rolls 1277-1789

                     4 Court books 1683-1848 Shropshire CRO (NRA 11576)

                     Court roll 1415 Shropshire CRO report of County Archivist 1980-81

                     Account rolls, with 1450-1509, (Ferrers family) purchased at Sotheby’s 13 Apr 1981

                     other manors 1606-7

                     Court roll 1441 Shropshire CRO Ref. MI377/1

                     (fragment only) NRA 11563 SRO Misc Accs

                     Fragment of 4 1565 and other Shropshire CRO

                     Court rolls undated List of accessions Jan-May 1963

                     Estreat roll 1586 Raynham Hall, Norfolk NRA 1224 (Townsend) p.42

                     Court roll 1613 Shropshire CRO (SRO 2862) NRA 11563 Salop RO misc


                     Court rolls 1425-1696 Staffs. CRO

                     Misc Court papers 1598-1678 (NRA 10699, Trentham)

                     Rentals 1554-C17th


                     Court roll, with 1619-32 Bodleian Library, Oxford

                     Stokesay & Onibury NRA 10479 addn Craven

                     Court rolls 1669-87 Shrewsbury Public Lib (BRA) List 28/1-41, Miss Stokes

                     Court rolls 1661-1806 Shrewsbury Boro Lib (Craven) (Return 1-10-52)

                     Estreats 1664 Shrewsbury Boro Lib (Craven) (Return 3-9-48)

                     Court roll (with 1661 Stokesay)

                     Court roll 1668 Shrewsbury Boro Lib (BRA 329) (list 8-3-45 BRA)


                     Rental 1664 Shrewsbury Boro Lib (BRA) (list 28-1-41 Miss Stokes)

                     I have a feeling that some of these references are very old and therefore the material may well have been moved, for example from Shrewsbury Library to the CRO, as is now considered good practice. I presume that you would like me to have a look at anything I can in Shrewsbury and Stafford based on this list? I have to say I have a bit of a waiting list for original documents work at Stafford at present. Once we have looked at what I can access then we can consider whether it’s worth pursuing anything further afield, perhaps.

                     The Talbot marriage is on my Shrewsbury list, again it depends on when I can book the right sort of machine; these pedigrees are very difficult to read on film so I have to have one with good mag or it’s a hopeless task!

                     The Domesday copy is still waiting for the machine to be repaired I’m afraid, I did try again this week but it’s still no go. Money for local government funding is very limited in the UK at present, and Libraries and Archives don’t command a high priority. Shropshire is struggling with its budget in particular this year because central government has allowed Telford to break away and be a “unitary authority” basically running itself, but this urban area was providing a major part of the budget to be spent on the whole county so now the shire (rural) area is struggling – not trying to bore you but just explain the kind of problem my good friends at the CRO are up against – some CROs have introduced hourly charges for research, but no so far my local 3.

                     The other things you mention are on the list now, but I confess I’d forgotten about the will transcripts – apologies. I’ll do them John and Simon right now, but Eleanor’s I didn’t have a copy done so will have to order one when I go to Lichfield next (Jun 9th) and when it comes through I can do the transcript.

                     In the name of God Amen;

                     the three and Twentieth daye of August in the yeare of our Lord God accordinge to the Computacon of our Church of England One thowsand six hundred and Thirty,

                     I John Hadley of Wootton in the parishe of Quatt in the County of Salopp beinge somewhat sicke in body but thanks be to god of whole and p[er]fecte memory doe make my last will and testam[ent] in manner and forme followinge

                     Wherin first and principally I Commend my soule into the mercifull hands of Almightie God my Creator by the satisfaction of whose sonne Christ Jesus I looke for my undoubted salvacon and my bodye to be committed to the earth.

                     And next concerninge my worldlye goods I dispose thereof in manner and forme followinge

                     Imprimis I give and bequeath unto Margery my wife twelve pence,

                     Item   I give and bequeath unto my sonne Simon Hadley the some of forty shillings to be paid out of my houshould goods within one yeare next after my decease

                     Item   I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Hadley twelve pence

                     Item   I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Hadley twelve pence

                     Item   I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ellen Hadley twelve pence

                     Item   I give and bequeath all my Messuages Lands tenements and hereditaments with their Appurtenances whatsoever lyinge within the severall parishes of Quatt, Claverley and Woten Togeather with all and every my goods Cattells Chattells and howshold stuffe whatsoever moveable and unmoveable of what nature kind or quality soever the same my debts being first paid and funerall discharged to my sonne John Hadley and to his heires and assignes for ever whom I make Constitute and ordaine my full and whole Executor of this my testament and last will desiringe him to p[er]forme fulfill and accomplish the same in all things accordinge to the true meaninge hereof

                     In witness whereof I have here unto putt my hand and seale the daie and yeare above written

                     Signed John Hadley

                     Sealed and deliv[er]ed in the p[re]sence of John Whitemore    Thomas Ridge (he signed)    Mary Baker    Elnor Dorie

                     Debts owinge to the Testator

                     Impr[mi]s Francis Dovey of Nordley Tenn pound

                     It[em] Thomas Back of Nether Nordley two pounds three shillings

                     It[em] Lewis Waters of the parishe of Rocke for a Cowe and a Calfe three pound tenn shillings

                     It[em] Roger Colings seaven pound

                     It[em] the widow Web of Wotton for rent five pound

                     It[em] Thomas Jefferies for Rye foure shillings six pence

                     Debts w[hi]ch I owe

                     Impr[mi]s to Humfrey Rowley twenty shillings

                     It[em] to Humfrey Nicholls twentie shillings

                     Item to Edward Longmore six shillings

                     Item to John Baskervile eight shillings

                     Item whereas John Deversill hath a specialty for a Certaine debt whereof I have paid him seaven pound

                     It[em] to John Gravnor of Mose three shillings

                     It[em] to Alice Jourden three pound

                     In the name of god Amen,

                     the eight and twentieth day of August in the yeare of our Lord god one thowsand five hundred nintie

                     I Simon Hadley of the parrish of Quatt in the dioces of Coventree and Lichfeeld yeoman sicke in bodie but of perfect memorie thankes be unto allmightie God do make and ordayne my testamente wherin is contayned my will in manner and forme followinge.

                     First and principally I bequeath my soule to Almightie god my maker and redeemer and my bodie to the yearth from whence it came.

                     Item I give and bequeath to Ales my Daughter the some of fortie poundes of lawfull English monie to be paied unto her at the daye of her marriage with such apparrell

beddinge and implements of housholde as Elnar my wife shall thinke meete and

convenient for her estate and degree.

                     Item I in like manner give and bequeath to Marie my daughter the like somme of fortie poundes to be paid unto her at the daye of her marriage with apparrell, implements of housholde and beddinge as Elnar my wife shall thinke meete and convenient for her estate.

                     Item I give and bequeath to Dorothie my daughter the like somme of fortie pounds to be paied unto her at the daye of her marryage with apparrell and all such other things as I have bequeathed to Ales my daughter.

                     Item I give and bequeath to Margerie my daughter the full somme of fortie poundes of lawfull English monie to be paied unto her at the daye of her marriage with all such further things as I have bequeathed to Ales my daughter.

                     Item I give and bequeath to John my sonne all my implements of husbandrie sixe oxen foure kine fourescore sheepe to be left unto him after the decease of Elnar my wife.

                     And my will is that he be founde with meate drinke and apparrell honest and convenient for him and to remaine with Elnar my wife to do her worke and to be an healpe unto her and to the rest of my children. And further my will is that in respecte of his worke and labor, with my wife she give unto him the somme of three and thirtie shillings foure pence of lawfull English monie yearly untill he shall accomplish the age of one and twentie yeares. And after the age of one and twentie yeares if he shall remaine with Elnar my wife and labour ord[er]ly and diligently in her businesse then I will that Elnar my wife shall give unto him yearly for his labour the some of fortie shillings of currant English monie.

                     But if he shall depart from Elnar my wife and remaine in service with anie other man then my will is that Elnar my wife shall paie unto him the somme of tenne shillings yearly for and towardes his better maintenance.

                     Item I will that if anie of my said daughters shall happen to be unmaried untill they be of the age of thirtie yeares that then mine executor shall paye unto them or anie one of them so unmarried her or their portions before bequeathed to be sell out and occupied to theire better benifite and profitt.

                     And further I will that if anie of my daughters shall happen to departe this life before the daye of her marriage then her portion soe dyinge shall be equally devided amoungst the rest of my daughters.

                     Item I give and bequeath to all my god children to everie one of them the somme of twelve pence if they demaunde it.

                     And further I give to the poore mans boxe of the parrish of Quatt the somme of three shillings foure pence of currant Englishe monie.

                     Item all the rest of my goodes and chattells unbequeathed I give and bequeath to Elnar my wife whome I make my sole executrix to see this my will and testament performed and my funerall expencs discharged.

                     These beinge witnesses of this my last will and testament.

                     The witnesses of this will and testament John Bird minister of the worde, John Davy of Mese, Marie Hadley with others.

                     Debtes owinge to me the said Simon Hadley at the daye of my deceasse

                     Imprimis of John Woolrich, gent of the countie and dioces of Hereford the full somme of tenne poundes.

                     Item of William Andros of Quatt thirtie shillings.

                     Item of Richard Andros of Quatt foure shillings eight pence.

                     Item of Humfrey Tedstid six and twentie shillings eight pence.

         Item of Thomas Davy twentie shillings.

                     Item of Nicholas Jones twentie shillings.

                     Item of William Carter six shillings eight pence. Item of Thomas Baker sixe pounds.

                     Item of Thomas Androes twentie shillings.

                     Received: from BarbaraEl@aol.com Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 14:50:50 EDT

                     To: agchem5@gte.net

                     Subject: Quatt manorial docs.

                     …The Irish trail looks a good one; I feel the earlier the connection with England proves to be the more likely it is to be with Quatt as that would place it in the period when we have little information and therefore good reason not to have found him – sounds a bit of what we would call an Irish train of thought there, if you can forgive the pun, but I’m sure you will see what I mean. I’ve made a start on chasing up the manorial material:

                     Work done at Shrewsbury CRO 22/7/98, 3.30-4.30

                     Written up 29/7/98, 12.30-1.0

                     I collared one of the search room assistants to help me try to track the Shropshire based bits of the listing, findings in bold.

                     Quatt Jarvis:

                     Presentments etc.   Capt. G.C. Wolyche-Whitmore, Dudmaston,   Bridgnorth, Salop (NRA 4482) see below

                     Court roll   Shropshire CRO (Forester) SRO 1224 (return 15-6=-62)    NRA 34912


                     Forester collection is “closed” and not available to public search

                     Presentments at    09Shropshire CRO Wolryche-Whitmore of Dudmaston NRS court baron

                     Should be possible to order to view from main catalogue next time

                     Quatt Malvern:

                     Court roll   Shropshire CRO (Forester) (return 15-6-62)    SRO 1224 NRA 34912

                     Weld-Forester see above


                     4 Court rolls   1333-34, 1351, Shropshire CRO (Gage) 1355 return dated 24-7-63

                     Should be possible to order to view from main catalogue next time

                     641 Court rolls   1277-1789

                     4 Court books   1683-1848=09Shropshire CRO (NRA 11576) see below

                     Court roll   1415   Shropshire CRO report of County Archivist 1980-81 no idea on this one

                     Court roll   1441   Shropshire CRO Ref. MI377/1 (fragment only)   NRA 11563 SRO Misc

                     Accs ref not recognised, but also see below

                     Fragment of 4   1565 and other   Shropshire CRO

                     Court rolls   undated   List of accessions Jan-May 1963

                     Should be possible to order to view from main catalogue next time, ref parish collection


                     Court roll   1613   Shropshire CRO (SRO 2862) NRA 11563 Salop RO misc appears to be

                     part of Evans collection, try to access next visit Wootton:

                     Court rolls   1669-87   Shrewsbury Public Lib (BRA) List 28/1-41, Miss Stokes

                     Court rolls   1661-1806   Shrewsbury Boro Lib (Craven) (Return 1-10-52)

                     Estreats   1664   Shrewsbury Boro Lib (Craven) (Return 3-9-48)

                     Court roll (with 1661 Stokesay)

                     Court roll   1668   Shrewsbury Boro Lib (BRA 329) (list 8-3-45 BRA) Onibury:

                     Rental   1664   Shrewsbury Boro Lib (BRA) (list 28-1-41 Miss Stokes) probably still in Borough Library as no sign of acquisition

                     The ones given as NRA and BRA refs they suggest I should contact the relevant bodies and ask for more information. So I have written to the National Register of Archives and the British Records Association to see what they can add – it’s even possible some of this material has been published at some stage. I’ll let you know when I have replies.

                     Sorry there’s not more news yet. I’ll try the ones they could find next time I go to Shrewsbury, though I don’t know yet when that will be.